Potential Club Relocation and Mission

Our ambition as a club is to become ‘The most successful community rugby club in Scotland‘. In order to do that we must grow our playing and non playing numbers across all age groups, both male and female and we must increase our overall openness as a club engaged with the local Portobello Community.

Due to a number of factors from wider culture shifts to the general state of grass roots rugby in Scotland, it has proven more difficult year on year to achieve these aspirations from our current home of Cavalry Park, Duddingston. Whilst we have adequate facilities there, we’re simply not physically part of the local community and this harms the clubs growth.

At the AGM on the 23rd of June 2018, the Portobello Rugby Club committee sought approval from the membership to explore whether a move away from Duddingston into the heart of the Portobello Community would be possible so as to help us achieve our aspirations of growing as a community rugby club. A number of locations are being considered and club membership approval and a community consultation would take place prior to any decisions being made. The club members voted in favour of further exploration into what might be possible. As the club president I have therefore pushed on with a number of conversations to explore feasibility of making something happen.

Any potential move will not be taken lightly – it’s a major undertaking and we must ensure that we do everything so that the move develops a sustainable rugby club that allows us to deliver on our aspirations of becoming the most successful community rugby club in Scotland. If we achieve the move, we believe it will allow us to deliver an even larger positive impact on people of all ages, both male and female, playing and non playing in the Portobello Community.

Any move will of course be sensitive as green space within Portobello is limited and to achieve ultimate success we must put any land to good use for the the community.

With this potential move we aim to be a club for the community in the community.

I welcome any members with questions, concerns or ideas to get in touch directly. My number is 07920016588 and my email is eddie@makeitsocial.com