Portobello Rugby Club is a pillar of the local community and as such we are committed to developing yet further.

A sports club of this size and popularity takes organising and support (both physically and financially) to stay successful. That’s why everyone involved from our qualified mini-coaches to our Club President is a passionate volunteer who gets involved for various reasons:
1104• We love rugby – This may go without saying but we believe that rugby is one of the few team sports which is all-inclusive in terms of shape, size and ability. With 15 players on
the pitch there’s a role for everyone and a chance for people to shine as part of a team
• We love giving young people a chance – Many a young rugby player would have ended up following a different path in life had they not discovered the discipline, challenge and team spirit the game can offer. We want to continue to give our services as volunteers so that children and young adults from Forrester Match 13all backgrounds can benefit
• We love community – Whenever a club member signs off a social media posting to another member they end with the acronym PTBP – Proud To Be Porty. We love our
community of Portobello which is a thriving hub of activity and a much sought after place to live. Portobello FPRFC is a community within our community both on and off the pitch

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