1sts vs Leith

Seniors coach Graham Inglis (Jingles) give his take on the 1sts defeat to Leith on the weekend:

As I entered the club on Saturday is was laid out ready for Ladies Day with decorations and beautiful cakes and although there had been rain it was still humid and warm. All that was needed was some of Portobello finest ladies and we were not disappointed with so many attractive supporters lining the touchline

Vs Leith 9This must have distracted the Portobello team in the first half as you would have thought they we dazzled by their beauty.

The Team saw seven changes from the week before and provided a debut for Rhys Edgar at hooker and the young Kieran Thomson on the wing.

The first half was all about Leith who quickly established a 14 point lead through two tries that were gifted through poor tackling. One down the Portobello right following good hands from the Leith backs and one through the middle following a line out lost on our throw and poor tackling.

Then came a turning point when Robbie Stewart put in a perfectly legal tackle which resulted in the Leith players momentum being stopped. Robbie lifted the player vertical an inch off the floor placed him back down and completed a dominant tackle. Unfortunately the referee deemed this to be dangerous – the only one at Cavalry Park who interpreted it this way – and brandished a yellow card. Although this had a bearing on the game it was not the reason Portobello lost.

During this period Portobello lost two tries in rapid succession as Leith made the most of their advantage.

Half time 28 – 0

The second half started with the Portobello players waking from their trance created by the beauty on show on the touchline.

Vs Leith 3They immediately built pressure in the opposition 22 and the ball was move through the hands with Eddie Robb executing an instinctive show and go with Connor Dempsey on his inside shoulder for the touchdown which was converted by Robbie Stewart.

Leith had been persistently giving away penalties for coming in from the side and it was from one of these numerous penalties that Mitch Walker recognised that Leith had dropped back for the kick and left their left flank open. He was soon galloping down their flank and glided past defenders to score Portobello’s second try.

It was all Porty at this time and Leith were trying to pull things together and Porty were not able to stem their attacks for the whole half. Leith worked their way downfield, encamping on the Porty line and eventually putting their left wing in the corner.

However Porty had the bit between the teeth and were attacking positively with bullocking runs from the pack and by Mitch Walker. This provided a 2 v 1 on the right hand side and Keith Jeffrey was quick to capitalise skinning the cover to score.

The team had left too much to do after the first half to win or gain a losing bonus, however the try bonus had become a possibility and although Leith scored again it was Porty who had the last word moving the ball down the right to put Ali Bain away to score in the corner.

If this team is going to win games they will need to play in the manner and with the heart they showed in the second half which they won 22 – 10.

Final Score 22 – 38.

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